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Stop leaving piles of shit for us to put away. We already went through the agony of shelving 57 copies of Oprah’s biography, why must you insist we do it 57 more times? If we go goose hunting all around the store to find your precious copy of “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology,” why leave it wedged upside down and backwards in the graphic novels? We’re well aware of your idiocy as soon as you paw through Us magazine, but why make us imagine scalping you for leaving it wedged in the Self Help books? Mommy and Daddy obviously left out the part about putting shit away, since you just fucked up the entire Manga section. Is “Alphabetical by TITLE” too much for you? Should we leave an A to Z cheat sheet on each shelf, or… oh never mind. You’ll still fuck it up.

Guest post by theangrymangaseller

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