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Yearly Archives: 2012

Keokuk, Iowa

This cold front’s been chasing me since Salt Lake City. Walmart. Always Walmart. Up and over Donner Pass. That place of American failure. Eat your children in order to live. Walmart. Always Walmart. My lips haven’t been warm since they touched yours. This cold front caught up to me in Muncie. And it’s been raining […]

Saint James, Missouri

Two in the morning and running late. Always running late. Destination: A charcoal factory in the middle of nowhere. Charcoal factories are always in the middle of nowhere. Winding down narrow county roads. You’re lucky you get any charcoal at all. For your Fourth of July barbecue. Black mist covers cracked concrete, kicks into the […]

Grand Island, Nebraska

Night. Morning. Drunks leaving the bar. Black sky. No moon, no stars. 455 empty miles. That we call Nebraska. Heading to the ocean as slow as I can. No water in sight, west of Grand Island. Red and blue lights strobing and flashing. A big truck on its side, leaking diesel. Driver nowhere to be […]

Barstow, California

Over the desert and through the mountains. Heading to LA. That seething pit of humanity. There is no poetry on this road. The new moon a hole in the sky. All those dead stars clinging to life. Your face just beyond the high beams. The same song playing again on the radio. Static on the […]