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Yearly Archives: 2019

No brass, no ammo

The first thing the army teaches you is how to talk. And then, how to walk. After that, how to dress. And then, sleep. Next is how to shit. And when to piss. Then there’s first aid. How to tie a tourniquet. Two weeks later They hand you a rifle. For two weeks you take […]


Called and I stand at his door. Shoot me, he says. I laugh my sidearm holstered. Pushed aside by those above us. I watch him light a fire. and He is shot. But not by me.


My cat will only live another seven years. Lucky her.

I tore my mind on a jagged sky

My washing machine is broken again, it isn’t draining again. And then I’m at a McDonald’s eating again. When a man with a gun and a list comes through and shoots the woman in front of me. He pushes the hot gun against my head. And for a brief moment, I feel fear. But then […]

Under the waning moon

Heading east on 70 at three in the morning. Between Junction and Abilene. Red and blue lights. On both sides. Troopers and an ambulance. Nobody in a hurry. A white SUV in the median. A white body bag next to it. Loaded. Heading east on 70 at three in the morning. I thought I would […]