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Yearly Archives: 2015

It was a fucked up thing, what God did to Judas

We’ll go to Vesuvio and sit upstairs. From a table in the corner we’ll watch the 41 come and go, the tourists going into City Lights, the sailors coming out of the Condor. We’ll talk about religion and politics and death. We’ll drink whiskey and beer and wine. We’ll pretend to write poetry. And pretend […]

Cosmic dust or space junk, it all burns the same

Sometimes a driver dies in his truck. And not in some crash on some highway. But dies in his sleep. At some truck stop. And maybe he’s not found for four or five days. After he stops calling his wife. After he fails to deliver his load. And really nobody’s in a hurry to find […]

Out there on the edge of Kansas, satellites fall through the sky

It’s a strange thing, dying on the Interstate. All the angry people honking their horns, in such a hurry to get to where they have to go. And the State Troopers, with their stern faces and flashing blue lights, blocking the lanes. And tenderly covering you with a green blanket.

An Idaho Beauty Queen Working a Washington Truck Stop

She stares out the window, pretending to control the weather. I take another hit. Pretend to order a pizza. There’s a flutter in my chest, like I just missed a breath. I would pretend to go to a doctor. But I know what I’ll be told. And the Netflix plays on and on.

Welcome to McDonald’s

Hauling the recently harvested out of Nebraska. Their blood draining from the back of my trailer. The passing cars baptized by the pink mist of their future value meals.