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Song of the diesel radio

He’s losing his teeth one by one. And then all at once.


A woman lives in this park at the edge of town. She screams at the trees. She eats at the mission. She charges her phone at the library. She steals vodka from the liquor store. And at night she fights sleep, terrified of her dreams.

Fuel in the water, ice on the lines

Miles and miles of turbines day and night harvesting the wind tearing at the sky. All these towns now filled with ghosts but the lights must stay on until the bitter end.

Last free exit

Bright lights, black lights. Smell the same. Sitting here in the bright dark putting his last twenty into a g-string or a slot machine. Hoping somehow he can win a different life.

Escape velocity

The street light blinking out a warning in Morse code A late November storm turning Nebraska into Kosovo Are not signs of better things to come.

The sun is warm, the wind is cold

I’ll sleep on the floor of a drained ocean in the shadow of a once jagged coastline. And I’ll dream of you sometime between dark and night While the Air Force drills for nuclear war somewhere between Laramie and Big Springs.

Abandoned churches and deserted graveyards

I recognize the way she walks, arms stiff at her sides; the way she sits down, heavily and with a sigh. Sitting there in the blazing sun, waiting for a city bus to take her somewhere she doesn’t want to go. It’s Halloween and her face is painted. And I hope that the sadness is […]

The implements of war come home

The cicadas are out again. In the trees screaming like some out of control machine. All the trucks resting here, sighing diesel into the night. The waning moon dragging itself into the sticky Kentucky sky. I’m awake but tired. And hoping to make Atlanta before the sun.

Charge me your daily rate

All night, FedEx wide-bodies from Beijing and Tokyo Berlin and London stacked above Memphis and waiting to land. And all day too landing two by two. Never will we need so much freight. All the world’s wealth crushing Tennessee into Mississippi.

All cattle are killed the same

The first chiseled their messages into stone. The next carved their messages into wood. The afterthats printed their messages onto paper. And the forgottens blow their messages into the cloud.