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We’re closing second week of October. Because Borders lost $24,000,000 last quarter. We’re sure you are sorry to see us go, but where have you been these last five years? No, you can’t get a student discount. Or a damaged discount. Because the book is already discounted. No, you can’t return these books to another store. Says right there at the bottom of the receipt: All Sales Final. We’ve got dictionaries upstairs if you need to look up the word Final. We don’t know what, if anything, is taking over this massive, massive space in the middle of this dead neighborhood. We sometimes hear maybe a petting zoo, maybe a bowling alley, maybe only a great empty space. What are we going to do? Shit, lady, who knows. Probably sleep in the park, eat out of dumpsters. Now thanks and have a great day. And don’t forget your Rewards card.

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