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Yearly Archives: 2010


Oh Jesus. You’re harassing us about Rewards again? Give it the fuck up. People either already have Rewards or don’t want Rewards. Rewards has reached critical mass. There’s nowhere to go from here but down. Don’t blame us because nobody wants to sign up for your emails. We have filtered your emails to our Spam […]


We signed a piece of paper promising that we would not write about your company in an unfavorable light. Companies make their employees sign such statements when they’re engaged in embarrassing behavior, or it’s the US Army. But isn’t that something? A bookstore actively trying to stifle free expression. We know what you’ll say—that companies […]


You take away our free coffee, our holiday pay, our raises. “We all must pull together,” you say. “We must do what’s best for the company.” Fuck your fucking company, we say. Smoking your cigar, drinking your cognac, you send 400 copies of Laura Bush and 300 copies of Newt Gingrich to San Francisco. To […]