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Because cops are lazy. And can’t spell good.

Tensions ran high at the Ogden Flying J as two drivers exchanged blows in the middle of the parking lot earlier tonight. Truck stop employees tried valiantly to stop the fight but it quickly became clear that they were out of their element. Local police were called on the 911, tearing a deputy sheriff away from his dinner of Big Macs and Coca-Colas and apple pies. And then three more showed up. Despite one of the drivers being the clear loser of the altercation–bleeding from the nose, swollen eye, crying–the patrol sergeant decreed that no actual assault occurred. And that it was most likely “mutual combat” anyway and she ordered everyone to go home. Probably because both drivers were white. And it was almost end of shift. And it was $1.50 Bud Light and Crown night at Dave’s.